No Contract Breached


Baker Hughes

Suit Details

PHC/384/2001: Suobo Clarkson & ORS v. Baker Hughes Nigeria Ltd.


25 claimants who were former employees of Baker Hughes brought a claim of N30Million against our client for breach of contract of employment. Since the claimants’ employments were lawfully terminated and terminal benefits were duly paid to all of them, GBC Law viewed the suit as frivolous and an attempt by the claimants to exploit our client.


We filed a vigorous defense against the suit and joined issues with the claimants. The team tendered evidence to show that the claimants’ case lacked merit. Strong legal arguments were further canvassed for the dismissal of the claimants’ claims against our client.


The suit was dismissed in its entirety. Baker Hughes did not have to make any payment to the claimant’s