Employee For Life?

Employee For Life?



Mobil Producing Nigeria

Suit Details

Suit No. HEK/81/2008: Udo Atang Essien V. Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited.


The defendant claimed to be a life employee of ExxonMobil pursuant to an oral understanding between him and the Company following the acquisition of his land for the construction of an airstrip by ExxonMobil. He brought the action claiming N500Million in Libel and Breach of Contract against the Exxonmobil at the High Court of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria in 2008 following the withdrawal of his services by the ExxonMobil’s Contractor who engaged him.


GBC team reviewed the facts of the case and the relevant laws and filed a strong defense on behalf of our client, challenging the claims in their entirety. The team further canvassed strong legal arguments in court on behalf of the client and urged the court to dismiss the suit. The entire claims against the client – N500Million, were eventually dismissed by the Court.


The client did not have to retain the claimant in its company against its will.
The client was relieved from the exposure paying the N500million claim.