Benefits paid already!


Baker Hughes Nig. Ltd.

Suit Details

Suit No. PHC/1476/2006: Chief S. C. Nwagbara v. Baker Hughes Nig. Ltd.


Claimant brought a claim of N2,692,320 said to represent outstanding redundancy benefit against Baker Hughes at the High Court of Rivers State, Port Harcourt. Meanwhile, our client had made full payment by way of redundancy benefits to the claimant as documented and shown on records.


Chief Nwagabara’s claims were vehemently challenged in court by the GBC team. Documents were tendered and legal arguments were canvassed for the dismissal of his claims. The team further urged the court to dismiss the claims as being frivolous.


Case against client was dismissed entirely. Our client was relieved from paying the claim of nearly N2.7Million.