Suing the State


Mrs. Winifred Ugborogho & Anor

Suit Details

SUIT No. LD/214/2008: Mrs. Winifred Ugborogho & Anor. V. Governor of Lagos State & ORS.


Lagos State Government purportedly revoked the Certificate of Occupancy of our client; Mrs. Winifred Ugborogho in the suit alleging that the clients owe some property levy in the region of N14Million. Her property was valued at about N80million. The clients had earlier made payments of this same property levy; therefore considered the demand exploitative.


GBC team held several meetings with the government officials for the purpose of resolving the matter amicably but the meetings could not lead to settlement as the government officials. The team eventually instituted an action against the Lagos State Government seeking amongst others the reversal of the revocation of our clients Certificate of Occupancy.


Our client obtained a reversal of the revocation of their Certificate of Occupancy. Full title was restored.